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“Linda has greatly contributed to the communications work of the Coalition for many years so we are now glad to use her translation and intepretation services! I would recommend her to any NGO, international organization, mission or embassy looking for a skilled French translator and interpreter! ”

Jelena Pia-Comella, former Program Director, Coalition for the International Criminal Court


“I found working with Linda a pleasure. She is very meticulous, quick to reply and abiding deadlines.”

Letizia Paoloni, Administrator, REDRESS

“Linda is a very reliable translator. Her work is excellent and she always delivers on time. I highly recommend her services.”
Dimitra Hengen, President, Alpha Omega Translations
“Very friendly yet professional. Manages her finances, communication and time like few in the industry. Highly recommended!”

Michael Francart, Freelance Translator

“Really great and reliable translator!”

Julius Sakys, View Globally

“Her previous experience translating for other NGOs and specialization in international development/human rights, in addition to her language skills, was a strong factor in deciding to utilize her services. [She] is not only reliable but also mindful of deadlines. I strongly recommend her to anyone looking for French translation”

Terry FitzPatrick, Free The Slaves

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